IF14-Ⅱ 1/10 EP TOURING CHASSIS KIT (Carbon Chassis Edition)

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The IF14-II was created from the original IF14 car and what our designer and team drivers have realized is almost an all new platform.


Design concept:
- Create excellent steering response and traction for all levels of driver.
- Improve stability and reduce lap time drop-off during the second half of the races.
- Increase cornering performance by improved balance of the front and rear suspension arms



- Create excellent steering response and traction for all levels of driver.
- Newly-designed front and rear lower suspension arms
- Newly-designed shock lever ratio adjustment system
- Newly-designed shock mount position adjustment system
- Newly-designed USP (ULTRA SHORT PROFILE) oil shock and shock tower
- Newly-designed adjustable Ackermann steering plate
- Newly-designed carbon main chassis and top deck
- Newly-designed suspension mount
- Newly-designed upper and lower bulkhead
- Newly-designed adjustable upper camber link mount
- Newly-designed Lightweight resin front spool axle
- Newly-designed center axle and spur gear holder
- Newly-designed aluminum integrated motor mount
- Newly-designed aluminum integrated servo mount
- Newly-designed battery holder



To optimize the weight balance and the length of front and rear belts, we tested every conceivable motor and spur gear position. Based on the best driving layout figured out from the test result, we moved the spur gear to the front of the motor, whose remained in the same position as the IF14. This layout is made for the best driving feeling, on and off throttle, and enables the car to run at a constant speed throughout the race.

The newly designed suspension arms have a new system built in, which makes it possible to fine-tune the shock lever ratio. This new system, coupled with the newly designed shock tower makes possible to change the shock lever ratio without changing the shock mounting angle. In this way, by changing the shock lever ratio, you can change the spring rate, which subtly affects tire performance, without changing shock springs. So, even finer setting is possible now.

With the IF14, when we changed the mounting width of suspension arms, and the mounting angle of the shock also changed. With the IF14-II, however, setup is much simpler. You can change the suspension geometry without changing the mounting angle of the shock. 

The steering Ackermann can be adjusted by replacing steering plates, which makes it possible to set up and adjust steering characteristics according to track condition.

The total length of the newly designed USP (ULTRA SHORT PROFILE) shock is 3.5mm shorter than the original IF14. The USP shock greatly helped to lower the center of gravity of the chassis. To keep the oil capacity and the shock stroke to a maximum, the shock pistons are secured with special flush fit counter sink screws. With the flat piston top, sufficient shock uptravel at full stroke and sufficient oil capacity are maintained for stable driving performance.

The newly designed resin center pulley is larger (21T) offering better drive efficiency and minimising belt skip. The axle layshaft supported by the motor mount with a cantilever has 3 ball bearings and contributes to increase mounting rigidity of the center pulley and the spur gear.

The suspension mount is independent, separated from the lower bulkhead. Now mounted directly to the chassis that increased stiffness around the front and rear bulkheads providing a more direct feel when driving.

Separate-type suspension mount concept is employed again. By adding special shims between the suspension mount and the suspension block, finer geometry setting can be done easily and this has been already proved by the IF14.




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