rc bil IF14-II Team Kit / byggsats, 1:10 FWD

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Creation Model have introduced the all new Infinity 1/10 IF14-II FWD. Sporting a compact steering system that has been specially designed to achieve the ideal front-rear weight balance. The heaviest items of the car such as the steering servo, motor and battery are laid out towards the front section as much as possible. In addition, a dedicated balancing weight is installed inside the front bumper. By having a layout with the battery on the right hand side of the chassis and the steering servo and other electronics on the left side, an ideal left-right weight balance is achieved. The car has excellent throttle response thanks to the front drive belt being as short as possible while adopting a mechanical layout that takes weight balance into consideration. The front and rear suspension parts are taken from the race proven IF14-2 and offer a wide range of tuning and setups possibilities with the gear differential, front drive shaft and centre pulley are the same as IF14-2.


– Newly designed front drivetrain layout.
– Newly designed servo-integrated motor mount.
– Newly designed steering system.
– Newly designed adjustable rear chassis stiffener system.
– Newly designed upper and lower integrated rear bulkhead.
– Newly designed graphite motor mount support plate.
– Newly designed graphite 2 piece top deck.
– Newly designed graphite 2.25mm main chassis.
– Newly designed bumper balance weight (85 grams).
– Suspension system, gear differential and front drive shaft are 100% compatible with IF14-2.
– Total parts compatibility with IF14-2 approx. 80%.
– Scheduled to start shipping in September 2021.





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