XRAY X12 2017 Spec 1/12 Pan car* SALE

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XRAY X12 Platform.Legendary XRAY premium design, workmanship & material quality and unmatched attention to the finest details result in a state of perfection achieved by well thought-out refinements to create a car that is easy to drive, work on, and adjust.


From unique HUDY Spring Steel™, through the world’s strongest Swiss 7075 T6 aluminum, along with XRAY’s own secret composite mixtures, to the premium high grade graphite materials… everything is exclusive and premium on the X12.


Using premium European exclusive materials crafted by XRAY’s engineering artists using the state of the art German, Italian, and Swiss CNC machines, the X12 is a blend of only the world’s finest.


2017 All-New:

ChassisRear podRear bulkheadsRear wheel hubGraphite braceSide tubesRear link braceRear pod upper plateSteering blocksFront ball joints


The all-new chassis was redesigned to improve cornering speed and in-corner steering, and to increase traction of the car and help eliminate chassis roll. The narrower rear part of the chassis (as well as the narrower section under the batteries) prevents the chassis from contacting the track while the car rolls, which helps to increase traction and improve cornering speed. The new chassis includes a new two-position option for pod link mounting. The first outer position is standard, while the new inner position allows for angled mounting of the pod links to improve in-corner steering. The chassis fits the fully-adjustable servo mount, and the front chassis cutouts were reintroduced from the previous chassis to increase chassis flex to allow the car to generate more traction. Additional chassis features include holes for composite battery backstops to eliminate battery movement when inline battery alignment is used. CNC-machined from custom-manufactured 2.5mm high-grade graphite material with a specially-designed compound for carpet racing and asphalt racing, the X12 handles perfectly on indoor or outdoor tracks, on either carpet or asphalt.


Pod Plate.

The all-new rear pod plate features a narrower design in rear, allowing the bulkheads to be moved closer together. The motor position has been offset more to the right for improved weight balance, especially when using heavier brushless motors. The position of the rear left bulkhead was moved more than ~5mm to the right to improve weight balance, as well as to shorten the pod to make it lighter. The rear suspension is mounted on a premium-quality graphite pod plate that works independently of the chassis. The updated design of the new pod plate works with the new aluminum rear bulkheads, as well as widening the rear pod links for more stability.


Alu Bulkheads.

The alu bulkheads are all-new in design and concept. The right bulkhead has an all-new motor mount design with multiple motor mounting positions. The new upper motor mount position prevents the motor from moving in serious crashes, and it adds another option to easily mount different types of motors. Both rear alu bulkheads were redesigned to fit the new rear graphite brace. The tiny rear bulkheads (including the upper bulkhead clamps) are significantly lower and lighter, CNC-machined from premium extra-hard Swiss 7075 T6 aluminum and additionally black-coated for long life and stylish look.


Motor Access.

The open-top design of the rear pod left-side bulkhead provides super-easy motor top access. The rear pod accommodates all motors.


Rear Brace.

The all-new rear graphite brace replaces the previous aluminum brace. The graphite brace significantly reduces tweak of the rear pod. To keep the lowest possible CG, the brace is positioned in the lowest possible position. Machined from premium graphite, the brace is flexible yet rigid enough to withstand serious crashes.


Alu Rear Hubs.

The rear right wheel hub has a new narrower design to accommodate the new motor mount position, as well as having an increased rear track-width adjustment range. The narrower design results in lower rotating weight. The aluminum rear hubs are machined from lightweight aircraft aluminum, specially lightened and black-coated for stylish look. The rear left aluminum wheel hub features a center-balanced clamping mount system, ensuring secure mounting while eliminating vibration and runout.


Rear Link Brace.

The all-new rear link brace features a narrower design that accommodates the new shorter side tubes. The new brace helps to move the weight more into the chassis centerline, and the narrower design gives lower weight. The graphite rear link brace holds the side tubes as well as the side springs and body posts, and works as a backstop for the battery pack.


Side Tubes.

The all-new narrower side tubes to narrow the car for improved handling and to reduce weight. Lateral damping side tubes provide ultra-smooth side damping, making the car easier to drive and easier to work on. The outer aluminum tube and inner Delrin® tube operate ultra-smoothly.


Rear Link Pod Upper Plate.

The all-new rear link pod upper plate has a new narrow design to accommodate the new narrower chassis design. Rear link pod upper plate includes a hole so an optional side shock can be mounted. The advantage of using the side shock is that it provides more traction in low-to-medium traction conditions.


Steering Block and Upper Ball Joint.

Excess play in the steering block and front upper ball joints was removed to improve steering response.


Front Suspension.

Strong, simple, yet refined front suspension made from strong, lightweight, self-developed composite material. Reactive caster settings available using 2.5°, 5.0° or 7.5° eccentric bushings. Tiny yet strong HUDY Spring Steel™ upper pivot balls ensure smooth, bind-free operation, while composite lower pivot balls allow the front suspension to operate even more smoothly. Fast & easy adjustment of front caster, track-width, bump steer, roll center and ride height via included shims and clips.



Super-smooth, hardened steel kingpins provide the foundation for the front suspension.


Wheel Axles.

Ultra-precise wheel axles CNC-machined from premium HUDY Spring Steel™ are additionally hardened and hand ground for precision fitment.


Adjustable Turnbuckles.

Front upper 3mm adjustable HUDY Spring Steel™ camber turnbuckles are lightweight yet can withstand hard impacts, with precision threading to ensure fine camber adjustment. Steering linkages are made from adjustable 4mm turnbuckles manufactured from lightweight aluminum.


Specs:Dimensions:Class: 1/12 electric pan car

Width: Adjustable 167 mm +/- 2 mm front, 169 mm rear

Length: 264 mm (varies depending on rear tires used)

Wheelbase: 201+/- 0.5 mm

Weight: 202 g

Ready-to-run weight: 840 g - incl. BL system (varies depending on equipment used)


Chassis:Chassis: 2.5mm carbon fiber, CNC machinedBody: Not included, uses 1/12 pan car type

Drivetrain:Type: 2WD direct drive to rear axleRear Axle: Steel shaft with ball differentialPrimary: Spur / pinionBearings: High-speed ball-bearings (10)

Suspension:Front: Spring-supported, kingpin-style front suspension with composite upper & lower suspension arms and steering blocksRear: Articulating rear motor POD adjustable via pivot-ball links, controlled by rear shock absorberRear Shock: Central adjustable oil-filled shock absorber

Geometry:Ride Height: Adjustable front + rearCamber: Adjustable frontFront Caster (Static): 1–14.5° static adjustable static casterFront Caster (Reactive): 2.5–7.5° adjustable reactive casterTrack-width: Adjustable front and rearToe: Adjustable frontDownstop: Adjustable rearAckermann: Adjustable with shimsSteering: Direct linkage between steering servo saver and steering blocksBalance: Front/rear weight balance adjustable via battery position

Other:Wheels: Not includedTires: Not includedInstructions: Full-color instruction manualPackaging: Carton box with vinyl bags containing partsAdditionally included: HUDY Diff Grease, Authentication Certificate, parts list & exploded view, decals, oilsNot included: Motor, batteries, speed controller, tires, body, steering servo, radio equipment, tools




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